Upick Information

Only cash or check accepted at this time

Well hello there: Schedule fo U-Pick upcoming week..
Closed: Saturday August 29th
Closed: Sunday August 30th
Closed: Monday August 31st
Closed Tuesday September 1st

We will reopen for Ozark Blues $1.50 per pound, No appointment needed on Wednesday September 2nd through Saturday September 5th 8am-4pm
If you wish to place an order for fresh picked flats of $25 each please email or call 503-804-6050. Or swing by our farm store. 
Please follow us for our upcoming weekly schedule.
Please follow and make your apt at our facebook page (Captain Blueberry) or on website (Captain Blueberry.com) any questions on how to do this call 503-807-4219 or 503-333-8270.